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Online Exhibition 'Urban Debris'

Metropolis is a significant symbol of the development of human civilization, today, if we talk about the urban environment, it is not just the collection of physical architectures and constructions. The invisible context in historic and cultural spheres is also considered a critical component of the modern city. Traditions and cultures provide knowledge about our existence and identity, they make us feel we belong and proud of our city. But for governor or city planer culture sometimes is an obstruction to economic development, the historic and cultural heritage and considerations always being sacrificed. For most citizens, these cultural losing is often ignored or less concerned in their busy urban life. This project focuses on the investigation of a happening demolishing case in downtown shanghai, explores the cultural-historic context and overlooked facts in urban development. I want to present the fact of culture and tradition destruction in my environment and debate the relevant effects of nationwide urbanization in China. Which also brings the audience an opening question what is more important for our future cities?



‘Urban Debris’ (2020) Tile, Dyeing Paper, and Ink on Canvas. 600 x 100 x 200 cm


‘The Chaotic Order’ (2020) Oil on Canvas. 120 X 160cm


‘Split Joint #2’ (2020) Acrylic, Xuan Paper on Canvas. 60X 90cm


‘Split Joint #1’ (2020) Acrylic, Xuan Paper on Canvas. 60X 90cm


‘Old Town #2’ (2020) Oil on Canvas. 80 X 100cm


‘Ring Down the Curtain’ (2020) Oil on Canvas.80X 100cm


‘Old Town #1’ (2020) Oil on Canvas.  50 X 70cm

‘Memory’ (2020) Photograph on Table.200 X 100cm

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