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Machine Manifest. (2019)

Installation, Wooden Pallet, Keyboard, Engine of Motor Cycle,
Wire, Computer Mainboard, Gear, Searchlight, Wasted Loudspeaker, Plug Base, Electric Fan. LED Light, Projective Video.

Approximate Size: 300 x 120 x 250cm.

“Machine Manifesto” reflects my concerns about new technology and the challenge of Post-human. In my work process, I visited some local recycling stations and collected wasted machine parts and artificial objects, if we take a look at the history of development science and technology, the result of every technology development created massive abandoned artificial objects. So I think these wasted machine parts and artificial object contains some history of technology and relationship with people. These objects were produced with very advanced technology and people like to pay money to get these brand new technical products at that time. Ultimately they were replaced by new technology and abandoned as a wasted object.


Nowadays, the new scientific discoveries like the cybernetic organism, artificial intelligence and robot will be stronger and smarter than human, what will happen next? Will the human's body be replaced by machine in the future? It's a big question for the audience. I want to through the archive of wasted objects, examine the history of technology development and the potential risk for the future.

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