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My name is Huang Xuyao, a visual artist, based in Shanghai. My art is focused on the surrounding environment and personal experience. Emotion and intuition play a key role in my work. I like to work in a spontaneous way following the sound in my heart and the vision in deep memory. I am very much influenced by the Buddhist idea of "Enlightenment", which is the final spiritual state with great wisdom and kindness. I think it's an inherent ability that everyone has.

My art process is also a meditation of self-awareness. Within the creative process, my subject gets more and more clear. The unpredictable discoveries come across every stage of my exploration and that is fascinated for me. Maybe there is no clear answer in my final outcome, but I like to combine the confusion and opening questions in my work and I think they are very important parts of my art.

I hope Xuyao's website is a window to learn about my art project and artistic idea.



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