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Online Exhibition 'ECHOES'

Updated: May 7, 2020

8 May 2020 to 10 June 2020

'ECHOES', a solo online exhibition from Romanian contemporary artist Alida Velea, will explore historical and cultural symbols alongside current thinking in cultural identity, social environment, and the devaluing of folk art.

Even you don't know 'Thinker of Cernavoda', 'The Endless Column' or 'The Kiss Gate', these celebrated Romanian cultural symbols, you still can feel the historical connection and contemporary perspective from Alida's artwork. The development of human civilization is the continuous learning and improvement of each generation on the basis of predecessors. We all have our own preferences, but we should not ignore or abandon the efforts of cultural transmission. However, for some reason, the erosion by mainstream culture has become a normal phenomenon in some countries. This situation has gradually become a global problem. Alida tries to provide her thinking and concerns about this problem and invites the audience to join the debate. Her collage work represents more than the introduction of Romanian culture, they offer us both contemporary perspective to observe native cultural heritage and potential for cultural development on our own terms.

Alida states the motive of her project, "The sensitivity to the social environment and respect for the past means, for me, bringing the old models into the present by combining the traditional approach with the new technology of digital manipulation, in order to enter into a silent dialogue with my audience. And, as the viewer reacts, his or her enthusiasm for the new may call into question the perception of the old, of identity, and of themselves."

Artist Interview

Some artist like Ai Weiwei explores the native cultural and social environment by destroying historical artifact, do you accept the similar way in your project?

Alida: Definitely not! In my opinion, art must to send a message (as is the case of this series of works), a feeling or to create a state of harmony, of balance. The feeling, however, in my art will never be frustration or hatred, or at least I try!

Is American popular culture influential in Romania? As an artist do you treat the global impacts of American popular culture as a cultural invasion or cultural incentive?

Alida: Clearly; the modern American culture is present everywhere.

Yes, it is a very good question; there is an impact due to globalization, both invasive and stimulating. Let's say I try to see and understand these changes with goodwill.

The visual result of "The Thinker" is very expressive, can you share us more story about this work Do you want to make this image a real sculpture

Alida: "The Thinker" is a unique statuette in the world that was most likely modeled during the Stone Age, more than 8,000 years ago; it has been deposited with his partner, another statuette, in a grave. They both symbolize an offering for life after death.

Fortunately, or unfortunately (I don't know what would be more appropriate!) I never approached sculpture. I love Brancusi and I love all his works and I am extremely proud that he was Romanian.

"The Thinker" is a totem for me; it is present a little in Brancusi, a little in Victor Man and a little in all Romanian artists.

What's your next plan for this project, will you create more works

This series consists of 11 works. Why 11 Because in most numerology systems, the number eleven is considered a prime number and represents a spiritual awakening (what sounds great with my theme).

In the next part I will try to make / transpose these digital collages in physical form, on canvas (or cardboard) through a mixed technique (painting and collage based on personal drawings).

So, practically there will be two series of works, apparently independent that can be constituted, anytime, in one.


Alida Velea. (2020) 'Thinker'. Digital Collage.

Alida Velea. (2020) 'Holy'. Digital Collage.

Alida Velea. (2020) 'Table'. Digital Collage.

Alida Velea. (2020) 'Icon'. Digital Collage.

Alida Velea. (2020) 'Gate'. Digital Collage.

Alida Velea. (2020) 'Cucuteni'. Digital Collage.

Alida Velea. (2020) 'Maramures'. Digital Collage.

Alida Velea. (2020) 'Echoes'. Digital Collage.

Alida Velea. (2020) 'IA'. Digital Collage.

Alida Velea. (2020) 'Dowry'. Digital Collage.

Alida Velea. (2020) 'Column'. Digital Collage.

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