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The Method of My Walking Project

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

First, drifting and photographing in the area that is planned in advance. Record the interesting image with a camera. The key point of this practice is trying to observe familiar spaces and object with a fresh eyes, finding new aspect to what is often ignored in negotiating urban space, try to find some invisible aspect behind the surface, It is a way of purposely self-awareness, to feel and experience both the good and the bad in the city.

Second, explore in the city from cyberspace, use software like Google Earth or Baidu Map to drift in the virtual environment. These online platforms provide enough technology support to working on virtual exploration.

Third, explore the city with a vehicle camera. When we are driving, the vehicle monitoring system will record some video automatically, these clips record our everyday life unconsciously, it is very good resources to explore the city with the machine's perspective.

Walking Plan of 3 Locations in Shanghai

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